Best Online MSW Programs – Online Colleges For Masters in Social Work

Best Online MSW Programs - Online Colleges For Masters in Social Work

The Best Online MSW Programs are open to all International Students from around the world. Applications are open for Online Colleges That Offer Masters in Social Work in 2023. Social workers are prepared for advanced practice and professional growth in a variety of sectors via social work degree programmes. Also visit Kent State Online MBA 2023 – Online MBA Scholarships.

The flexibility of online MSW programmes allows you to practise at your own speed while expanding your knowledge of social welfare procedures. The typical social worker frequently balances employment and family life while pursuing their online master’s degree. Online programmes are frequently less expensive than on-campus ones.

Here, we’ll talk about top online colleges offering master’s degree programmes in social work. The greatest academic institutions offer online masters in social work programmes. All students from across the world can enrol in these certified online MSW programmes at the lowest costs. Must visit Macquarie University Scholarship 2023 – Study In Australia.

List of Universities offering Best Online MSW Programs

  1. Florida State University
  2. University of Houston
  3. Indiana University
  4. University of South Florida
  5. Arizona State University
  6. University of Southern California
  7. University of Central Florida
  8. Louisiana State University
  9. The University of Texas at Arlington
  10. Texas State University

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Details About Universities

1. University of Houston

One of the top online Masters of Social Work (MSW) programmes is offered by the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Houston. Online MSW programmes are most reasonably priced at this university. Candidates for this top-notch MSW programme online must finish at least 900 hours of clinical fieldwork in order to graduate from UH. Policy in the Social Environment, Human Diversity and Development, Contemporary Social Policy Analysis, Combating Oppression and Injustice, Practice Evaluation, and Required Field Practicum are among the courses offered for this online Master of Social Work degree programme.


2. Florida State University

As one of the Best Online MSW Programs in the Sunshine State, Florida State University’s College of Social Work provides a master in Social Work degree. The top online master’s in social work is offered by this university. There are two academic paths available to get this online Master of Social Work degree from FSU. The top MSW online programmes at FSU are honoured by CSWE and listed by Kiplinger as a Best Value in Education. BSW holders can finish the programme in two years, however non-BSW holders must complete the MSW programme at Florida State over the course of three years.


3. University of South Florida

For advanced social workers, the College of Behavioral and Community Science at the University of South Florida offers a Master of Social Work (MSW) programme. For both full-time and part-time MSW students, the best MSW programmes at the University of South Florida are accessible online. Additionally, CSWE has accredited the top online MSW programmes at the University of South Florida. For admission to USF’s MSW online programme, candidates must hold a Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW). One of the best online MSW programmes is offered by this university.


4. Indiana University

One of the most cutting-edge online Masters of Social Work (MSW) programmes is offered by Indiana University. The greatest online MSW programmes are provided by this university. The outstanding online MSW programmes at Indiana University were honoured by this CSWE for their core courses in diversity, human rights and social justice, social policy analysis, research, and general theory and practice, to name a few. Addictions, military social work, the foundations of e-social work, and tele-behavioural health are just a few of the concentrations available to students.


5. Arizona State University

The Master of Social Work programme at Arizona State University can be finished fully online. For graduation from the top online MSW programmes at ASU, students must pass a minimum of 20 classes totalling 60 graduate degree units. These Best Online MSW Programs are CSWE certified and provide the following courses: Professional Experience, Diversity and Oppression in Social Work Communication, Social Policy and Services, and Macrohuman Behavior and Social Environment. For students who cannot afford high tuition costs, this university offers the most economical MSW programmes.


6. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers one of the most cutting-edge master’s degrees in social work available online, according to US News. For the standard track, online students in the top MSW programmes at the University of Central Florida must finish 62 graduate credit units during seven-week terms. 32 semester units are required for the advanced standing track. Additionally, the online Master of Social Work programme at UCF has received full accreditation from CSWE.


7. University of Southern California

Two of California’s top social work online programmes are offered by the Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California, with options for a regular or advanced academic route. The online MSW programme at USC is also accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Additionally, it trains graduates to become licenced clinical social workers or LCSWs. While the typical MSW programme provided online needs 60 graduate semester hours to complete USC graduation requirements, the advanced MSW programme only needs 37-semester units.


8. University of Texas at Arlington

With an accelerated option, the University of Texas at Arlington’s Best Online MSW Programs can be done entirely online. Cohorts are a feature of the University of Texas’ top online MSW programmes. The best online MSW programmes at UT provide a variety of specialisations, including geriatrics, child/family, mental health, substance abuse, and community and administrative practice. Three start dates for online master’s in social work programmes are available each year. This university provides students with the least expensive online MSW programmes.


9. Texas State University

One of the top online MSW programmes in the Lone Star State is available from Texas State University for the least amount of money. A foundational Master of Social Work degree and an advanced MSW degree are available through TSU’s online MSW programme, both of which are CSWE-accredited. The latter is intended for students who already have a BSW degree in the application. Human behaviour and the family social environment, social welfare policy, creative interventions with families/groups, programme planning and grant-based resources, as well as foundation field placements are just a few of the courses offered in Texas State University’s online Master of Social Work programme. Students from across the world can enrol in top online social work programmes at this university.


10. Louisiana State University

The best online colleges in Louisiana for advanced social work professionals are Louisiana State University’s Masters in Social Work programme. The excellent MSW programmes at LSU also provide a standard track that calls for sixty graduate semester units. Human behaviour and the social environment, social work research, differential diagnosis, and community and agency contexts, among many other topics, are covered in the online MSW programme at Louisiana State University. This college provides the most affordable certified online MSW programmes.



How long does it take to get an online MSW?

Online MSW full-time programmes normally last two years, whereas part-time MSW programmes can range in length from two and a half to four years, depending on the number of classes. With a BSW, candidates can finish an advanced MSW in 12 months.

Which Online MSW Programs is Best?

You’ll take into account a number of things when looking for the right programme for you, including your particular interests, online alternatives, and admissions requirements. You can use the information on this list to decide which programme might be the most suitable for you. For comparison, look at our list of online MSW programmes.

Which MSW programs do not require the GRE?

Although some MSW programmes do not require the GRE, each university has its own set of prerequisites. If a student has a poor GPA, some conventional and contemporary online MSW programmes demand GRE exam scores from them. For more information, be sure to review the entrance requirements for your preferred MSW programme.

What are the GPA requirements for MSW programs?

The minimum GPA required for MSW degrees varies per institution. For the majority of programmes, universities may demand a GPA of 3.0 or better. However, some programmes might have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5, and the university might ask for a GRE score if the student’s GPA is low. For additional information, see the entrance requirements for your selected MSW programme.

Is financing available for these Best online MSW programs?

The cost of an online MSW programme doesn’t have to be prohibitive, and there are a few financing options. Prospective students may be eligible for tuition aid from some employers, and many universities also provide scholarships. You might be eligible for loans once your financial aid application is submitted. It’s critical to conduct as much market research as you can and pick an affordable package.

Can you study for an MSW without a BSW?

If they match the university’s standards, students without a BSW may apply for a traditional MSW. A bachelor’s degree from an authorised institution with any necessary prerequisite courses, a minimum GPA, and needed application materials such as a personal essay, undergraduate transcript, and letters of recommendation are often required for standard MSW admission.

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