Top Four Tuition Free Countries For Study Abroad

Top Four Tuition Free Countries

We herewith another insightful post regarding the Top Four Tuition-Free Countries For Study Abroad. Study abroad for free is a dream for every student. But due to financial constraints or high tuition fees of universities, many students are unable to fulfill their dreams. There are also multiple scholarships available for free study. But they are very limited and highly competitive. Free Fellowships in China: Zhejiang University Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022 for International Students

But there are few countries available that offered 100% education to all international students. These are not ordinary countries, not their universities. Most of the European countries offered free education in their Universities. Students can easily apply online after fulfilling their eligibility criteria. Most of their countries also do not require any IELTS as well. Free Study in Australia: Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2021

We are discussing the top five countries that offer tuition-free education to all international students. These countries provide the best option of free study abroad without IELTS. These are no or equal to none tution fee and most of them also do not demand any application fee. Just get enroll and apply for their study visa. You can easily fulfill the dream of Free foreign education. International Internship: Asian Development Bank Internship 2021 for International Students

Details About Top Four Tution Free Countries

1- Free Education in Norway

Norway is among the top European countries that offered the finest education in the world. Norway offered totally free education to all international universities. Norwegian tution fee universities are among the top-ranked universities in the world. The research programs are also matchless. The students have to pay a very minor fee of around NOK 300 to 600 each semester. Which is equal to free as compared to heavy fees in other countries.

Students can apply to all programs from bachelor to Ph.D and Post Ph.D in all fields. There are very few programs in some universities which may require proper semester fees. The living cost in Norway is around NOK 90,000 to 100,000 per year. students can search and apply for the universities through the given link given below.


2- Free Education in Austria

Austria is also one of the finest Free education destinations. Austria is one of the top influencing European countries. With world-class universities and research facilities. Many scientific laureates are graduated from Austrian universities. The universities in Austria only charge approximately 726 Euros per semester. The living cost in Austria is also very affordable which is around 800 Euros per month.

Students can also avail multiple scholarships which are offered by different Austrian Universities. These scholarships support all of your expenses. For details about Free universities in Austria, visit the official link below.


3- Free Education in Germany

At number 3 we will nominate Germany as a favorite free education destination. Germany is the center of major STEM education and research. Every year’s thousands of students come for Free study abroad in Germany. German educational system is internationally recognized. The public sector universities in Germany charge around 50 Euros per semester. Few universities can charge higher fees as well. The living cost in Germany is around 800 Euros per month. For details please visit the official link. Germany also offered DAAD scholarships to international students. Which is a fully-funded scholarship.


4- Free Education in Finland

Finnish universities also offer tuition free education to NON-EU/EA students from around the world. The free education system was introduced in 2017. The core purpose was to gather intellectual minds in Finland and work on prosperity. All programs from bachelor to ph.D are offered which are taught in the English language as well. There are other tuition-free countries to study abroad but there are the top.

Finnish universities are offered different international scholarships. The average living cost in Finland is 700 to 900 Euros per month. For details please visit the official link.


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